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Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
. clinton is being held at the new york presbyterian hospital. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez has suffered new complications while undergoing cancer treatment. chavez had surgery in cuba after the cancer returned 18 months ago. but three weeks ago chavez developed a respiratory infection. the vice president left venezuela to visit chavez, and it is a sign things could be going downhill. >>> nine people are dead after a charter bus carrying 40 people ripped through a guardrail and fell several hundred feet down the snowy slope. this happened yesterday morning in eastern oregon. officials say rescue workers were using ropes to help retrieve people from the scene. the bus was on its way to vancouver from las vegas. >>> the father of the gunman who opened fire in the connecticut school has claimed his son's body. a spokesperson for the family says that peter lanza claimed the remains of adam lanza. adam lanza killed 20 first graders and six adults at the sandy hook elementary school after shooting his mother earlier, in her home. >>> well, christmas is over and it is time to start get
Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm EST
. the rolling stones kick off a u.s. tour in new york to celebrate a half century of making music. >>> the australian radio host who pulled a prank on the hospital treating the duchess of cambridge are now speaking out. the djs say they never meant any harm. >> we're so sorry that this has happened to them. >> reporter: radio host mel greg and michael kristin say they're filled with regrets over the royal prank. the pair fought back tears as they talked about the death of the nurse who fell for the hoax. >> we couldn't see this happening. >> reporter: last week the australian djs pretended to be the queen and prince charles when they called the hospital caring for prince william's wife kate. >> oh, hello there. could i please speak to kate please, my granddaughter. >> reporter: nurse jacintha saldanha put the call through to the ward where the duchess was being treated for morning sickness. three days later british police found her body. scotland yard called her death unexplained. many believe she took her own life. >> i think it's a terrible shame. absolute catastrophe. >> report
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
. >>> also the second time this month, someone has been pushed to their death on new york's subway tracks. the nypd says that it was a woman who pushed the male in front of a queens-bound train as it was pulling into the station. police say they are looking for the suspect. the suspect has been described as a heavyset hispanic woman. seen mumbling to herself just before that deadly push. another man was pushed to his death in front of a new york subway train on december 3rd. >>> a spokesperson says that secretary of state hillary clinton is heading back to work next week. the former first lady has been out of the public eye for the last three weeks while she is recovering from a concussion that she has suffered. the nation's top diplomat says that she intends to resign next month. >>> in michigan, it's a scary dog tail but with a happy ending. an 11-year-old hound named bart slipped into the ice in lake erie. the owner called his brother who also fell in the ice. they both waited in the frigid water for over an hour until rescuers reached them. >> i was talking to him. i was trying the ke
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
th street northwest. i'm a meat eater so i'm loving this. angus steak he's doing. >> angus new york strip. >> excuse me. what are those vegetables? >> we're cooking some cauliflower, an heirloom variety of cauliflower. >> i've never seen that before. >> a cool shade. >> this is one of your feature items at the restaurant. i've been there. great food. >> you're searing this angus. >> it's important to have a hot ban for this. you want to get nice carrization on the beef -- carmelization on the beef. i know it's smoking up your kitchen a little bit. >> that's okay. it smells good. >> the carmelization gives it that depth of flavor. >> guess what's in here? >> that's some butter and cream with a little potatoes holding it together. >> it smells good. are you going to turn that? >> i sure am. >> is it ready to turn? >> it sure is. >> let's see. >> let's see what kind of color we've got going on here. this is going to take about ten minutes to cook all the way around. i like to bring my beef to medium rare. i think you agree with me on that. >> the flavor. >> very important once it comes
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4